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  • Duke receives the blessing of Kasai while chained up in Mentari’s forge, and she frees him from his chains.
  • Krenzi frees Iambs Twiling from the iron mine at Heechoven, but abandons him in the wild. Duke and Krenzi knock Mentari out.
  • The dark powers at Heksepunt demand a sacrifice from Tulasa and Ghanna. Tulasa rejects the demand and is attacked by the shade of Shiisa while Ghanna fights off shades of the fallen Skaalruters.

A Vision of Kasai

Duke wakes in a fever, chained to the anvil in a makeshift forge. His vision is drawn into the consuming flame inside the furnace, where he beholds a vision of a queen seated on a fiery reptile in blinding glory.

She addresses him as a child of her royal city and offers him grace, while calling upon him to drive out the spawn of the Dark Fire. She further commands him to protect Ghanna, the heiress of Atzara, from the Dark Fire spawn that surround her.

Duke accepts Kasai’s grace and finds himself free of the chains that bind him to the anvil. As the vision fades, the smith returns, wearing a dried tongue on a lanyard around his neck: Duke recognizes the smith as his ancient rival Mentari, whom he last faced in Adûnibad.

Putting the tongue in his mouth, Mentari reveals that he went to the Skedelfjilden, where the Hudbeklaaid dwell. There he was taken captive by the Konur Villtar clan, who cut out his tongue, but he gained their favor through his skill at the forge. They came to know him as Heilagur Ingvar Járnhendur—“Saint Ingvar Iron-hands”, a craftsman of renown.

Then Mentari draws out Maiven, and Duke addresses his demon. She asks when he intends to raise her into her true form. Duke promises that he will find her a suitable body here among the Konur Villtar. Then he rushes Mentari, revealing that he is not really chained.

The Walls Are Ringing

At Heksepunt, Krenzi recognizes Beppe Hinnemûs before being grabbed by the Invader and taken into a dark, cold crack deep beneath the earth where he hears miners toiling and the labored breathing of Iambs Twiling nearby.

Iambs reveals that he was taken captive by the Konur Villtar, along with all the men of the South Farthing who did not escape. They reopened the long-abandoned iron mine at Heechoven and forced the Klavs to toil there. Iambs rolled his ankle early in his labor, and Renke hid him in a cavity, doubling his own workload so that their captors wouldn’t learn about Iambs’s injury and feed him to their dogs.

Krenzi helps Iambs up and bears him up the steep slope toward the mouth of the mine shaft. There, Krenzi speaks to the Konur Villtar guards, and they loose their dogs on him. The Invader lashes out at the hounds, driving the guards and their dogs to flee.

Outside the mine, Krenzi sees the war camp that the Konur Villtar have established reviving the iron smelting at Heechoven. He bears Iambs across the forested slope out of sight of the Hudbeklaaid women.

We Offer No Sacrifice

The apparition of Ausmundt fades and his voice merges with a chorus of voices echoing from the standing stones at Heksepunt, including voices of a crone, a mother, and a maiden weaving in and out. The chorus offers Tulasa and Ghanna their lives in exchange for two concessions: No one may leave Heksepunt without shedding their blood on the stones, and at least one of them must leave something more: Some organ or body part.

Tulasa announces that there will be no sacrifice and calls on Beppe to explain her bargain with these voices. Beppe explains that she came to Heksepunt after witnessing Krenzi’s traffic with demons. She realized that the Heksememmen—Granaatmem and Appelmem—might give some real protection to the Klavs like they did of old.

The Heksememmen answered her call and returned Ausmundt to her, her deceased husband. And they gave her their word that they would aid her in driving out the Ynkringers so that the Klavs could live in peace again.

The shade of Namuu of the Skaalruters demands a tithe of blood for his men too. When Tulasa rejects the demand again, the chorus calls upon the Skaalruters to shed their blood as a sacrifice for their mothers. Namuu is incensed and they draw their weapons to take Ghanna’s blood.

Ghanna fires her arrow into the shades while the disembodied chorus of Heksepunt summons the shade of Tulasa’s old ally Shiisa from the ashes. Shiisa lays hold of Tulasa, while Ghanna’s desperate assault drives the Skaalruters away, forcing them down the slope.

The Lover’s Grasp

The Invader tells Krenzi that the makeshift forge they espied from the slope is hiding the mercenary they met before, Duke, in chains. Krenzi drops Iambs in the snowy forest, and travels with the Invader through the shadowy void.

Mentari deftly dodges Duke’s surprise attack just as Krenzi takes shape behind him in the shadows. Maiven leaps out of Mentari’s hand into Duke’s. Krenzi brains Mentari with his shillelagh, knocking the forgemaster unconscious.

Duke stoops over his old enemy and takes Mentari’s great shamshir, Amoria, into his grasp.

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  • Duke leads a small group of Klavs to the Konur Villtar war camp at Heechoven. There, he reveals himself to distract the warriors so that the Klavs can rescue some of their people. Duke is mauled by dogs and taken captive.
  • At Heksepunt, Ausmundt summons shades of the fallen Skaalruters who pin Ghanna to the altar. Tulasa and Beppe Hinnemûs force Ausmundt to relent from his demand for Ghanna’s life.

The Furnace, Rekindled

Leading a handful of young men from Caer Hyvel, Duke takes backwoods paths to the South Farthing. There, they are harried by the sound of dogs barking and baying night and day, and they find the forest marked with more and more dog tracks from hunts led by the Konur Villtar.

They find a major thoroughfare where the tracks of dozens of expeditions converge and spill out into a sprawling war camp around Heechoven. They see Klav men toiling under the yoke of the Konur Villtar warriors, who have reopened the blast furnace to smelt iron day and night.

Duke orders Troché Twiling to take command and rescue as many of his fellows as they can, while he draws the captors’ attention away from the mine.

Duke approaches the war camp and calls out the Konur Villtar warriors, who cover their ears and release their dogs. Duke fights off a dozen war hounds with Maiven and the Spear of Fan Hyvel, but the war chief Sjef Hun Tegn spies him from afar and fires a war bow at him. Duke is finally dragged down and mauled by the dogs. As he fades in and out of consciousness, he senses that the Konur Villtar are dragging him through the snow.

The Hanging Stones

At Heksepunt, the Invader grabs Krenzi and drags him into a shadow behind one of the standing stones, and they disappear.

Beppe’s consort Ausmundt summons shadows from the stones, who take the shapes of the Felkiezers and Skaalruters who died on the slopes of the Deenskewâl. These shades pin Ghanna to a stone altar and raise their daggers to take her life.

Ausmundt advances with a dagger drawn, over Beppe’s pleas for him to halt. Ausmundt insists that the Heksememmen require a sacrifice, and Ghanna’s life will suffice.

In her struggle, Ghanna offers Saint Crucian’s blessing to the Felkiezer shades, releasing them from the mockery of life. She and Pinaka manage to fire an arrow into the midst of the Skaalruters, and nock another.

Beppe punishes Ausmundt, compelling him to stop in his tracks, and the standing stones shift, shaking off stony flakes to reveal wounded flesh. Ausmundt orders the Skaalruters to back down, in eery tones that sound like a chord of three female voices.

As the Skaalruters quail before Ausmundt’s invocation, Tulasa throws his mantle—the Loving Caress—over Ghanna, and commands the demon to heal her.

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  • Aided by Krenzi, Tulasa summons a healing hearth spirit known as “The Loving Caress”.
  • Aided by Siliona, Duke summons the memory of Ruprekt Fan Hyvel into the warlord’s spear.
  • Ghanna and Chaser pass through the Aspen Vale with the scouting party of witch hunters and steppe warriors, and reach the Deenskewâl after nightfall.

In the Infinite Stacks…

In the Infinite Stacks, Krenzi sends the Invader away and Tulasa grants him refuge to rest in the Stacks. Tulasa meanwhile directs his animus for Kurik to make contact with another demon, the “Loving Caress”. She reveals that the cloak that once served as her form is in the cloakroom of the Infinite Stacks: A former warden of the Stacks was once her mistress.

In the ruins on Caer Hyvel…

In the ruins on Caer Hyvel, Sidney spies on Sietske Twiling speaking with her mother Nolduske Hinnemûs for Duke: She learns that the Hudbeklaaid mercenaries are rounding up all the men of the Southfarthing, and they are burning in Heechoven day and night. Her sister Ninke’s husband Iambs was taken.

When Sietske’s husband Troché asks Duke to lend his mercenary team to the aid of the Klavs, to drive the invaders out of their land, Duke puts it to a vote. Siliona and Sidney favor helping the Klavs, but Armentad wants to stick to their mission. Armentad gives in.

Duke resolves to explore the ruins to find Ruprekt Fan Hyvel’s spear, and summon his spirit into it for Siliona. They inform the Klavs that the crypts will be trapped, so they must not follow Duke and his crew there. Duke goes into the crypt with Armentad, Sidney, Siliona, and Lancelot, and begins reaching out to the departed spirit of Fan Hyvel. After hours of unanswered calls, Armentad and Sidney grow restless, and then Fan Hyvel’s voice answers them.

On the high ridge of Caer Hyvel…

On the high ridge of Caer Hyvel, Avga Akh is silent as he assesses the disappearance of the riders who attacked his scouting party. Chaser speaks to him as Ghanna inspects a few pieces of ancient, dinted armor. Lance Corporal Guiomar of the Felkiezers asks Chaser to make sure his son is trained as an Inquisitor if he himself does not return, so that the title of “Elvenban“ (“Elf-bane”) bestowed on his forefather during the War of the Alliance will carry on after him.

In the Infinite Stacks…

Krenzi wakes and assists Tulasa in summoning the Loving Caress. Tulasa collects every record mentioning Kurik’s name from the Infinite Stacks and tears them out while kneeling before a fireplace, making sure they are all slowly consumed by the fire in a huge wodge, and the cloak breathes, urging Tulasa to eat good soup right away.

Fan Hyvel’s Tomb

Duke and Siliona parley with Fan Hyvel’s ghost, who reveals that he wants nothing more than to drive out all “Ynkringers” (invaders/outsiders) from the Klau. They begin the ritual to summon the spirit, but the ritual fails without a sacrifice.

The Aspen Vale

After sunset, Chaser’s scouting party rides through the Aspen Vale in the fold between Caer Hyvel and the Deenskewâl. The Skaalruters notice a small pinchpot at the base of an aspen tree. Ghanna smells sour milk in it and spots strange tracks left by the cubs of a large carnivore.

Guiomar remembers the Lupitzes leaving bits of cheese for the “neighbors” as they passed through the vale. They decide to leave some of Avga Akh’s “saddle curds” in the pinchpot and continue, and in six more pinchpots they find as they travel through the wood. As the darkness grows deeper, they see red eyes peer at them through the thicket as they pass.

After leaving the wood behind them, Chaser’s party rides up a glacier that forms part of the Deenskewâl.

At the Hinnemûs Farmstead…

Tulasa and Krenzi exit the Stacks to scavenge arromatic herbs and ingredients from the Hinnemûs cellar. They find what they need, and Krenzi lends his camp pot to cook up the soup. As Tulasa drinks the soup, the Loving Caress becomes truly bound to him as her master. Tulasa and Krenzi set out toward Caer Hyvel.

Fan Hyvel’s Tomb

Duke kneels before Maiven’s dog Lancelot, the crew’s mascot, and urges him to go and catch a wild animal they can use for a sacrifice. Lancelot leaves the ruins, coming back with two baby possums.

Duke performs the ritual to contact Fan Hyvel’s spirit again, and then kills one of the possum joeys. The summoning succeeds, and Duke hands Siliona the newly-haunted spear of Fan Hyvel. To seal the bond between them, Fan Hyvel calls on her to plunge the spear into the heart of an Ynkringer. Without hesitation, Siliona cuts off her golden braid and lunges the spear at Armentad

On the Deenskewâl…

After nightfall Skaalruters and Hounds attempt to make camp on the glacier, but the little firewood they have will barely light and glows only dimly, providing inadequate heat. Chaser and Ghanna agree to press on through the night to reach Heksepunt before daybreak.

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  • Krenzi and Tulasa extract Shaghira’s record from the Invader, and Krenzi punishes the unruly demon.
  • Chaser and Ghanna encounter a patrol on the ridge of Caer Hyvel while traveling to Hichtepunt with a mixed scouting party of Hounds and Skaalruters. The patrol mistakes them for Ruprekt Fan Hyvel’s gang and attacks, but Chaser’s scouting party defeats the patrol.
  • Duke and the Baachus crew welcome more Klavs to the ruins of Fan Hyvel’s fort, and learn about Fan Hyvel’s spear.

In the Infinite Stacks

As Krenzi tells his tale about summoning the Invader, scribes appear to take down the record and the Stacks are sated. Krenzi then orders the Invader to retreive the book that it took from the Infinite Stacks, and the demon yields it to its master with a page missing.

Krenzi punishes the Invader, and the demon howls with torment, finally disgorging the crumpled page, covered in gummy, sap-like mucus.

Tulasa and Krenzi discuss their next steps, laying plans to travel to Heksepunt to gather Skunkblum for Krenzi’s demon.

Ghanna’s Test

After making camp, Ghanna quietly asks Pinaka why she aimed an arrow at Chaser. Pinaka says the man scared her and she doesn’t want to talk about it.

The next morning Ghanna speaks with Chaser as they ride together toward the ridgeline of Caer Hyvel. When Chaser reveals that he knows about her sorcerous scar and demon, she portrays herself as a victim of the necromancers in Adûn. Ghanna probes him to find out how he knows so much, but he stonewalls her.

As they mount the ridge, other riders come into view, and their captain identifies Chaser’s scouting party as deserters and outlaws led by Ruprekt Fan Hyvel. The Skaalruters and Hounds pull back in order to draw their enemies onto the narrow ridge, and they exchange volleys. With decisive support from Pinaka and Lily, the patrol is routed and unhorsed, leaving only skeletal remains that blow away like snow in the wind.

Fan Hyvel’s Fort

In the morning, Armentad and Sidney help themselves to milk from the Hinnemûs ox Posy, drawing ire of Nolduske. Sietske arrives with her husband Troché Twiling, along with a dozen children of all ages, and a mixed group of young adults. Sietske embraces her mother Nolduske, who is alarmed that they did not meet Renke, who went out to fetch them. Sietske and Troché look grim.

Troché argues that the Klavs must fight, in order to drive out the invaders who brought war to their valley. He brings up the legend of Ruprekt Fan Hyvel, who first settled this vale with fighting men and women, from whom the Klavs trace their ancestry; and he hopes that they might uncover Fan Hyvel’s spear here at the ruined fort, as a symbol to rally the Klau folk to arms.

Nolduske spurns such dangerous talk, but Siliona asks Duke if she and he might help Troché “find” the spear, summoning a power that might help the Klavs truly drive out their oppressors. Duke takes it to Armentad and Sidney for a vote, and they agree to assist the Klavs in their fight in exchange for the gold they gave to Renke.

The young adults gather around Nolduske’s campfire and they sing a few hymns in remembrance of their dead. They then recount how all of this came to pass, starting with the arrival of a golden-eyed woman who rode through the Klau without speaking with or answering anyone, driving straight toward Caer Hyvel.

It begins as a jumbled exchange with many disagreements and corrections as they piece it all together, talking about the arrival of the Felkiezers, the abduction of the Lupitz family, and the fire on Heksepunt. They blame Eldara Vergonha, Pryster Jurryt’s wife, for informing Adacius about Niehege’s farm, and they believed that all the Lupitzes were dead until Adacius returned with the Hudbeklaaid mercenaries.

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  • Chaser orders Lily to vacate the body of Eldara Vergonha and sets out after meeting her need.
  • Ghanna is missing and Duke confronts Krenzi at swordpoint. Krenzi says she is safe.
  • Duke reveals Maiven to his Baachus crew.
  • Ghanna appears in Krenzi’s hovel, takes his arming sword, and meets Chaser among the Hounds/Skaalruter scouting party.
  • Tulasa goes to the Hinnemûs farm and enters the Infinite Stacks to recover. He learns about the Adderhood’s Bridge and wraps his frostbit extremities.
  • Ghanna dreams about her father Sadeq cutting cake.
  • Krenzi follows the Invader back into the Infinite Stacks and tells his story to the Stacks.

In memoriam

Tulasa recalls Limnas approaching him as they rode into Klausted behind the Skaalruters. Limnas confided in him that she was a woman. She had disguised herself as a man to rise through the ranks in the Magisterium, ultimately becoming a member of Tulasa’s armed escort. She wanted to reveal this before now, but Tulasa’s paranoia always made her edgy about it.

Krenzi recalls Tûk insisting on bringing him charcoal through his first winters after becoming a hermit in the Klau. Krenzi always offered to pay Tûk in wild herbs and mushrooms that Krenzi was skilled in gathering, but Tûk always refused.

Krenzi also remembers Margaret Petrova, the mother of his son Jonathan. Margaret died mysteriously while Krenzi was deployed to the Siege of Deltoss. Without her to anchor him, he took Jonathan with him to the Klau to raise him out of the Magisterium’s reach.

Departing from Klausted

After parting ways with Tulasa and checking preparations for the scouting mission to Hichtepunt, Chaser sees Lily saddling his horse, Daisy, using the body of Eldara Vergonha as her puppet. Chaser orders Lily to follow him out of the Klausted camp so they can speak privately.

Couching his expression so as not to alarm the Klav woman trapped in her own body, he explains that some people in the presence of an Inquisitor are set upon by the Holy Spirit and given special gifts—but he asks the “Holy Spirit” to depart from the woman. Lily withdraws bitterly, letting the woman colapse at Chaser’s feet.

Chaser helps Eldara up, and Eldara pledges to aid the Inquisition in any way she can. Chaser tells her that he may require her assistance after he returns from scouting. She goes back to the village, erect with pride that she has been blessed by St. Crucian.

Chaser calls out to Lily, who speaks to him from a frigid mist in discordant tones: “It’s obvious you don’t want me here.” Chaser tells her he needs her, and asks her to return to him. She reënters his body in chilling silence.

Chaser delays his departure to walk with Lily again, reminiscing about a forest cabin they used to spend holidays when they were a young couple. Once she is sated, he returns to Klausted, departing with a mixed scouting party including the Hounds, the few remaining Felkiezers, and some Skaalruters led by Avga Akh and Namuu.

The Old Arming Sword

After being grabbed by the Invader and dumped in Krenzi’s hovel on Caer Hyvel, Ghanna finds Krenzi’s old service weapon—an arming sword with he blade still keen—wrapped in a Magisterial standard. Hearing voices outside, she takes the sword and exits the hovel.

Ghanna uses Pinaka to send an arrow over a thicket outside to spy out whoever has approached the hovel. The Skaalruters there hear the unmistakable sound of a bowshot and spread out to search. Ghanna hears a voice—like her father Sadeq’s—telling her to knock another arrow as soon as she makes out the insignia of the Inquisition on Chaser and the Felkiezers.

The Skaalruters who find Ghanna recognize her as “Anchin Gunj”, and they escort her to Avga Akh. Lily scrutinizes her and her bow, telling Chaser that Ghanna has the same mark as the necromancers who killed Lily herself, and her bow is a demon. Pinaka jerks Ghanna’s arm to train her aim on Chaser, but she makes a quick turn so that the demon can’t loose the arrow at him.

As they make camp, Avga Akh orders his warriors to disarm Ghanna, and they take her quiver, knife, and Krenzi’s arming sword, but they leave her with Pinaka.

Taking Shelter in the Stacks

Tulasa comes out of the Fuorjen near the Hinnemûs farmstead. Entering the cellar where he met them before, he finds a note scrawled on tree bark: “Caer Hyvel”.

Finding himself in no state to press on tonight, Tulasa opens the Infinite Stacks within the cellar and retreats there to conceal himself while resting. After wrapping his frostbitten extremities, he finds the Curator in desperate depletion, and tells them a story in an effort to meet their need for obscure lore. The Curator points Tulasa to a record that mentions the Khatiba Adûnibad (“The Oracle of Adûnibad” in Adûnaic) holding a key to “the Adderhood’s Bridge”.

The Invader Returns

The Invader returns to Krenzi at the ruins of Caer Hyvel. The demon reports that Ghanna wasn’t in Sarchanan’s Vault, so his stash there is safe. When Krenzi orders him to find the girl, the Invader notes that whatever was hidden there must have been taken, and he can no longer perceive the space where he dropped her.

Duke confronts Krenzi about his missing ward, threatening him with Maiven, who is eager for violence. Krenzi calls on the Invader to open his mind, and learns that Ghanna took his arming sword, placing her somewhere near his hovel. Krenzi tells Duke that she should be safe there.

Duke resolves to come clean with the Baachus crew about Maiven’s demonic nature. While they are still a bit shaken by their ordeal with the Invader, Armentad signals that they appreciate Duke’s full disclosure. They make camp with the Hinnemûs family.

Ghanna’s Dream

Ghanna dreams that she is attending a banquet where her father Sadeq is serving a honey-sweetened cake. The guests include the Felkiezers of Adacius, Skaalruters, and many blackbirds. She realizes that the cake is shaped like Pinaka, but also like the valley of the Klau. Sadeq tells her he needs his knife to cut it. He urges her to recover his knife, and she remembers seeing Adacius sieze an ominous dagger from Sadeq before executing him.

Chaser’s Dream

Chaser is under a linen sheet where he sees golden light shining on Lily’s face, while Lily caresses his own hair and cheek. She tells him not to be afraid, and asks him to tell her how she can serve him better. She insists that he can only succeed with her help, and urges him to remember her. He shares his pressing questions about the fall of Adacius, the facts of the Necromancer, and the supposed plot to attack the Magisterium. Lily soothes him so that he can rest peacefully through the long night.

Tulasa’s Trap

While inside the Stacks, Tulasa determines that the Invader may be looking for a way back into the domain. He orders the Curator to allow the Invader to enter, should he sense the demon approaching.

In the wee hours before dawn, Krenzi asks the Invader to search for Ghanna, and the Invader tells Krenzi it has found the hidden library once again. Krenzi hears people approaching the ruins, but he ignores them as he marks a large rock with charcoal to let Duke know that he has gone to find Ghanna and will return. Krenzi then asks the Invader to take him back to the Infinite Stacks. While being yanked into the shadowy void, Krenzi hears Nolduska Hinnemûs greet someone named Troché and Sietske, and ask why Renke is not with them.

Tulasa is waiting for them when they appear in the shadow under a leaning pile of books. They introduce themselves and Tulasa asks Krenzi to reveal a bit of his personal journey, in order to satiate the Infinite Stacks. Krenzi tells the story of his capture and torture in the vaults of Deltoss, and how he renounced his faith and summoned the Invader there.

The Last Valley

Riding along the ridge of Caer Hyvel, Ghanna travels with Chaser’s scouting party to a point that overlooks the ruins a couple miles off, apparently abandoned in the light of dawn. The low sun casts its rays on the standing stones at Hichtepunt, looming above them on the other side of a wild valley on the other side of the ridge.

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