Episode 4: An Ember to Set Adûnibad Burning (Sorcerer: Into the Klau)

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A recap of the events of our Sorcerer & Sword scenario.

In the Infinite Stacks…

Tulasa learns of an intruder in the domain, and attacks Krenzi. The Invader pounces on Tulasa in retaliation, injuring the Warden gravely. At the same time, Adacius takes advantage of the fray to take a bite out of Jacobus, gulping down the Inquisitor’s blood. The Stacks send a pile of books toppling over Krenzi, and the Invader takes Krenzi away using shadow travel.

At Eywa’s cottage…

Snow begins falling lightly over the corn field as the sun rises. The charcoal burner Tûk Stokken approaches Eywa’s farm, calling out for Niehege. Eywa greets Tûk and Tûk notices both Eywa’s and Ghanna’s telltales. Tûk has heard that the Burners brought the boy Timmy back to the Klau when they returned yesterday, and asks if Timmy returned to Niehege’s farm. When he learns that Timmy has not returned, he urges Niehege to come with him to Heksepunt, assuming Timmy went there to find his parents.

Ghanna wants to follow Tûk to Heksepunt, but Eywa warns that they ought to leave the Klau immediately before the Fraustgap becomes impassable, trapping them for the winter: No one has survived the mountain pass after Granaatmem’s Nacht (the Winter Solstice), which is rapidly approaching. Ghanna informs Duke and the Bacchus crew about her intention to go to Heksepunt, letting them know she does not completely trust Tûk.

Dumping a Demon in Adûnibad…

After Krenzi and the Invader depart, Adacius rises up smoldering, and his mouth and eyes erupt with golden flame as he speaks to Chaser. While Chaser bandages Jacobus, Adacius threatens to burn the Infinite Stacks if they do not let him out of this place. Tulasa opens a door displaying a rampant ciaccobo on it, and they take Adacius through it into a twilit city—Adûnibad. When Chaser realizes where they are—a city hostile to the Magisterium he serves—he turns back, leaving Adacius to prey upon the teeming millions.

Going back into the Stacks, Tulasa recounts the Tale of Appelmem and Granaatmem to the phantom scribes who inhabit the place, and they copy the tale into their records. Chaser asks Jacobus what Adacius promised the Luu and the Konur Villtar, and urges the Lieutennant to help him investigate the Necromancer’s movements and complete Adacius’s mission.

Tulasa searches for records about the conflict in the Klau, and finds a hagiographic chronicle of Adacius based on Chaser’s own testimony, in which Chaser described the key factions involved: Sjef Hun Tegn, Avga Akh, Beppe Hinnemûs, Pryster Jurryt, Timmy Lupitz, and others. Tulasa pores over the lore about Avga Akh’s destiny before leaving the Stacks.

In Klausted…

Long after dark, Tulasa, Chaser, and Jacobus exit the Stacks in the burned-out shell of the Kirk. There, they find that Avga Akh has slaughtered most of the Felkiezers—Adacius’s elite witch hunters—and surrounded those who surrendered in the Kirk’s graveyard. Seeking out the Skaalruter hetman, Tulasa invokes Akh’s fear of the Skaadkeninginne (“Shadow Queen”), and likens his own enemy the Eater of Knowledge to that ancient foe of the Skaalruters. Avga Akh frees the few remaining Felkiezers, along with Chaser’s Hounds and some survivors from Tulasa’s armed escort.

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