Episode 5: The Bonds of Brotherhood (Sorcerer: Into the Klau)

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  • Krenzi finds his demon’s stash of ancient Crucianite lore, as an offering to someone he calls “the Eater”.
  • Eywa departs after warning Duke not to enter the Deenryk without precautions.
  • Chaser prepares a message for the Hudbeklaaid war chief, and establishes fellowship with the Skaalruter hetman.
  • Tulasa spots a curious child asking questions about him.
  • Krenzi learns of the Hinnemûs family’s attempt to flee the Klau.
  • Duke and Ghanna capture Renke Hinnemûs, who wants to take Niehege’s gold for the care of his family.

Sarchannan’s Vault

After being crushed in the Infinite Stacks, Krenzi wakes in a frigid underground chamber filled with books and scrolls, seemingly gathered over a long period of time. Krenzi opens a scroll and finds a hymn about an apocalyptic battle, followed by a hymn about Gedyon taking up Crucian’s armaments to fight the Fiend.

The Invader returns, bringing a carafe of piping-hot coffee, a satchel of black lotus, and an old woman—Beppe Hinnemûs—all to heal Krenzi. Beppe calms down after taking a pull from Krenzi’s pipe, and the Invader fetches a roll of bandage that she uses to dress his wound. Once his needs are met, Krenzi orders the Invader to take Beppe back where he found her.

Krenzi questions the Invader about the contents of this vault, which appears to have once served as a Crucianite chapel. The Invader seems embarrassed and extremely reluctant to talk about his collection, but finally leaks that it is a stash he has been making for someone he calls “The Eater”.

Krenzi orders the Invader to take him elsewhere, and the Invader offers the cellar where he took Beppe Hinnemûs, or the old ruins on Caer Hyvel. Krenzi decides to go to the cellar so that he can give the old woman his thanks.

Goodbye to Eywa

After hearing that Eywa wishes to leave the Klau immediately, Duke asks his “brother” about Ourora. Eywa tells him he knows the Ourora he knew is lost, but the Ourora he has now reminds him of his beloved. They work out how they might establish contact again, if and when Duke ever leaves the Klau. But Eywa warns Duke that, should he follow Tûk to Heksepunt, he should not set foot in the Deenryk unless he leaves a part of himself behind.

Eywa becomes alert to a change in Ourora’s “breathing”, as if someone has approached the farm, and he flees into the corn. Duke orders members of the Baachus crew to stay sharp.

A Message to Sjef Hun Tegn

In Klausted, Chaser speaks to Jacobus Leonhart-Avadon about how to get a message to the war chief of the Hudbeklaaid warriors who departed for the Southfarthing, Sjef Hun Tegn. Jacobus warns him that she would only speak to Adacius himself, whom she calls “Eldgluggar Ofurst”, and may have Hudbeklaaid ancestry; she warned Jacobus not to allow his men to speak to her warriors if they valued their lives.

Chaser and Jacobus decide to pass Chaser off as the bastard son of Adacius, saying that he would speak on the old man’s behalf while Adacius is unavailable. Chaser orders Socrates to take the message into the Southfarthing, and flag down the Hudbeklaaid without speaking.

Socrates informs them that their horses were taken by the Skaalruters in the skirmish, after Chaser and Jacobus disappeared inside the burning Kirk.

A Watchful Child

Tulasa remains with Avga Akh and learns from the survivors of his armed escort—Kurik and Limnas—that Akh’s men gave them a chance to surrender. Tulasa appologizes to Akh for the misunderstanding and bloodletting.

While he is speaking to Akh, Tulasa sees a young Klav approach Kurik, and they two speak briefly before the boyd disappears into the crowd. Tulasa cuts off his conversation to ask Kurik about the encounter. Kurik tells him that the boy was just curious to see foreigners from the Magisterium in the Klau.

We Are Brothers Now

Chaser approaches Akh to speak with the Skaalruter hetman about the horses his riders took from Chaser’s Hounds. Lily uses Chaser’s arms to embrace Akh, but Chaser masters himself before kissing the hetman. At the peak of the confusion this stirs, Chaser greets Avga Akh as a brother, and they swear blood oaths of loyalty to each other. Akh releases some of the horses he took from the Hounds for Chaser’s needs.

As he walks away from the Skaalruters with Tulasa, Chaser asks for Tulasa’s help with something. They hear Elder Kristus and Thomas Begenhof calling out for Timmy Lupitz, and Chaser orders the Hounds (except Socrates) to search for the boy—but they fail to find him.

Flight to Caer Hyvel

Krenzi finds himself in the cellar of the Hinnemûs farmstead, which has been ransacked in a rapid packing effort. The family is outside loading up their mule after learning that their cellar is “connected” to an underground vault. Krenzi learns that they are leaving a note for the father Renke to meet them at Caer Hyvel after gathering his two older daughters and their husbands. Krenzi agrees to keep their secret, but says that he must stay in the Klau until he finds his grandson Timmy.

Krenzi follows the Fuorjen toward Klausted, and some time after sunrise he comes to Niehege’s farm, where he hears some disturbance. He hides in the wood beside the river as he watches mercenaries drag Renke Hinnemûs out of a thicket to Niehege’s property.

Questioning the Klav

Duke and Ghanna question Renke, and Renke reveals that he came here looking for Niehege’s gold. Armentad grows angry when Duke offers the Klav some of the gold, and warns him that others may know of the gold as well.

Ghanna begins untying Renke while asking him what he knows about Heksepunt and the necromancy there. Renke reveals that there was a fire on the mountain after the Burners took Jon, Matilda, and Timmy up there, but he assumed they were all dead.

Some Revelations

At daybreak, Tulasa goes into the Infinite Stacks seeking information about Timmy Lupitz. There he finds the records of a Magisterial inquest launched after Chaser returned from the Klau, including Chaser’s full report. It mentions Timmy as one of three Klavs whom the Felkezier’s caught carrying out heretical worship. It says that Timmy was taken with his parents to Hichtepunt, where they died, killed by the Necromancer (~two weeks ago). The Stacks hold no further records of Timmy Lupitz after that.

At daybreak, Krenzi asks the Invader to locate Timmy, the Invader can sense him moving in the Deenryk—the valley on the other side of the Deenskewâl, where no fire may be kindled.

After sending Socrates riding south with a letter for the Hudbeklaaid warriors, Malcolm Chaser retires.

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