Player perspectives on Planets Collide, Session 28: “The Witch and her Consort”

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I haven’t posted anything here in a while, but my ongoing Dungeon World campaign continues. After a few months hiatus, we began Season 3 with Session 27 at the beginning of this month, and we just played Session 28 last weekend.

For the first time, I invited the players to post a session write-up, in their character’s perspective, for a little extra XP. I’ll post my own log of the session shortly.

This comes from Axl, the player behind Sugar the Bard, who played a central role in the events of my last session write-up here, despite being elsewhere. To sum up, Sugar cheated Death several times, became the Herald of the Mother of Fiends and the Heartless Troubadour, triggered a massive rewrite of the campaign’s history, got a heart transplant from a dragon, among other mayhem. In Dungeon World terms, whenever I need a grim portent to shake up the adventure, I just look to Axl and Sugar makes it happen:

During the aftermath of the planets colliding, Castle Figaryo landed on top of the city of Adûnibad which caused some obvious political tension. Sugar and Lur were invited to the peace talks. While trying to inspire the present company to set aside their squabbling, Sugar saw a vision of his home. The wood was petrified but evidence of new growth was present. He managed to pluck a single flower and take it with him back to the present.

While this was going on there was a rumbling from the clock tower. The dragon that Sugar had so often sided with in keeping the worlds apart was now enraged, but not for the reasons we think. Before he could fly off, Lur jumped out the window to face him. Sugar tried getting his attention by channeling his powers through the court’s harpsichord. In a matter of moments, the dragon was face-to-face with Sugar, and Lur was tying herself to his horns. Sugar parlayed with the dragon and he learned that Ma’a and the dragon are “partners” and have had children together. He also learned that the only reason that the dragon hadn’t reunited himself with his “partner” was because the memories of the Sage had forced him to keep the worlds apart.

We now know that the world cannot be saved by continuing to run from this conflict. Splitting the worlds was doing more harm than good and the conflict needs to find some sort of resolution.

The next report comes from the player 7th Outpost, who joined us for the 1st time this session. 7th Outpost takes the role of the Paladin Malcolm Chaser, a witch hunter hailing from the Light World’s Magisterium:

Addressed to Lord Inquisitor Hallglow

Lord Inquisitor,

Attached to this document will be a more detailed report, along with as in-depth eye witness testimonies as I’ve been able to muster from my men. As a word of introduction, I can say it is not good. The cataclysm has joined enormous amount of landmass with our region, and the messages I’ve received from other cantons along the border have proven the same. It is not dry landmass, however, but one filled with strange occupants, that curiously enough, speak our language. Referencing the lore seems to indicate (though muddily) an event of cosmic proportion being undone when this cataclysm occurred.

I’ve come across a city, but I haven’t yet made any diplomatic contact with it. Instead, I have come upon its outskirts raided by a heretic certainly infused by demonic power (a maleficum, perhaps). I lacked both the equipment and preparation to deal with that being right away, and so it has managed to elude us. A detailed description of it and what it did in combat has been included. It had within its thrall both a score of goatmen (I had them burnt; they were of no use for questioning) and a group of human villagers. When it vanished (through the use of demonic magic, I’ve attached the description) its thrall on the villagers seems to have stopped. Attached is also a detailed questioning of one of them. As soon as I finish penning this letter, I shall hurry to the town hall to make diplomatic contact and resolve the situation.

Crucian’s Flame cleanses,
Inquisitor Praetor Malcolm Chaser

(The attached reports are written in shorthand, in great hurry, and though detailed, they carefully omit the role of ranger Ghanna with her unexplained knowledge and abilities in all this, along with her subsequent capture by the maleficum.)

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