Quick starting equipment in Tunnels & Trolls

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One of the cool features of T&T, and many other old-school games, is that making characters is fast and footloose. Roll some stats, choose a Kindred and character Type, and grab some supplies.

Grabbing those supplies can sometimes be a bottleneck, though, as players understandably want to venture forth prepared. For some players, poring over the equipment lists and selecting the optimal adventure kit is a rewarding mini-game, while others just want to get started. This is a resource for them, and the referees who love them.

Except for the Delver’s package, all listings are limited to equipment available in the Abridged Solo Rules/Free RPG Day Rulebook, which makes it easy to have multiple copies available when players are writing down their starting equipment. It also narrows down the selection of weapons available, so you don’t get a rookie walking around with a 7-die Bonesplitter.

All new characters

Every character gets all the stuff on this list.

  1. Traveling clothes, backback (includes soft-soled shoes, warm clothes, cloak, and bedroll)
  2. Provisions for 1 day (includes food, drink, barely adequate cooking supplies, and a few matches)
  3. 3d6 pocket coins†

† I usually use silver as the standard currency, but the rulebook lists prices in gold. “Coins” refers to whatever standard currency you use in your game.


Pick one:

  1. Three weapons of player’s choice, OR
  2. Two weapons of player’s choice, and a target shield, OR
  3. One weapon of player’s choice, a target shield, and leather armor

“Player’s choice” weapons must fall within the character’s current STR and DEX limits. The weapons selected must be distinct items with different die ratings.


  1. Bank dagger
  2. Staff ordinaire


  1. Delver’s package
  2. One weapon of player’s choice, and leather armor

A Rogue may also pick one of the following:

  1. Provisions for 2d6 days, 2d6 torches, and Hemp rope (50’), OR
  2. Curare (poison), 3 applications

As above, a “player’s choice” weapon must fall within the character’s current STR and DEX limits.



  1. SAROE

    I don\'t know if the STR & DEX restriction is necessary. That way you can have "My father\'s sword, which I will someday wield with courage and honor!" But not really useful right now.
  2. gaptooth

    That\'s a great idea, SAROE. My thought was on the player who might pick the most expensive weapons as starting gear to exchange for gold; but the truth is I don\'t actually play with people who want to exploit the game.

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