This is the Deep Six Delver

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Esteemed reader,

Posterous, the blog platform behind Deeper Delvings, is closing down. Direct your browser to The Deep Six Delver to join me for the next chapter of six-sided mayhem. Shrewd subscribers to our dynamic site feed will find that their feed readers point to the new site already— high five! Everybody else will have to update their bookmarks, links, and Delicious Dot Coms in the usual way. You may also wish to spread the word via Twitter, the Google+, and your other social oppinion-exchange switchboards so that anyone else linking to this site can make appropriate arrangements and avoid catastrophe.

I apologize for any inconvenience this may bring about. I shall resume normal service at The Deep Six Delver according to my regular schedule, which is to say, whenever.

kind regards!



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