Twisted Tunnels RPG: Experience (Updated 20 Jun 2016)

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These are rules from the earliest rendition of the game. I’ve done a lot of playtesting and I have a completely revised playtest draft. Contact me at “deeperdelvings” at Gmail if you’d like to check it out!

You get XP for looting treasures, daring, exploration, and defeating monsters. The referee determines XP awards for a given adventure, using the following guidelines:

Looting treasures
Gold, coins, jewels, fine art, trade goods, or other valuables: If you find it in the Tunnels, earn XP equal to its value in coins, when you get it back to an outpost.
When you miss a Saving Roll, earn XP equal to 50 × the Dungeon Level.
When you escape the Twisted Tunnels alive, earn XP equal to 100 × the deepest Dungeon Level you reached in that delve.
Defeating monsters
When you vanquish or subdue a monster, whether through combat or trickery, earn XP equal to the enemy’s Monster Rating. If the enemy has ratings like a delver, earn XP equal to the enemy’s combined CON, INT, and STR.

The referee may grant additional XP for completing missions or other pointless acts. We advise the referee not to indulge players seeking XP for “story progress” or “role-playing”, unless these flights of frivolity are especially fun for the whole table.

Level Up

The point of accumulating XP is to gain levels, according to the table below.

When you earn enough XP to reach a new level, you can raise your Luck or skill. Pick one:

  • Increase your Luck by your new level number; OR
  • Choose one ability rating that is lower than the new level, and increase it by 1.

If you raise your Dexterity, Luck, or Strength, you may need to update your Combat dice based on your Craft.

Level XP Total
1 0
2 1,000
3 3,000
4 6,000
5 10,000
6 15,000
7 21,000
8 28,000
9 36,000
10 45,000

If you decide to keep adventuring after level 10, each new level costs 1,000 XP × your current level, plus the XP required for the previous level.

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