Twisted Tunnels RPG: Recruiting Your Delver, Part 2: The Warrior (Updated 4 Jul 2016)

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These are rules from the earliest rendition of the game. I’ve done a lot of playtesting and I have a completely revised playtest draft. Contact me at “deeperdelvings” at Gmail if you’d like to check it out!

The warrior is trained in using weapons of all kinds. A warrior’s attacks and defenses may always benefit from their martial training, whether charging with a spear, firing a volley of arrows, or swinging a broadsword in melee. The warrior can also get more mileage out of her armor by making minor adjustments and repairs during down-time in the dungeon.

It’s not that they are merely incompetent when it comes to magic: Like blindness, the warrior simply lacks the capacity for occult intuition. A warrior can usually benefit from magical artifacts and elixirs, but they can never cast spells.

The warrior’s edges

Combat dice
You get Combat dice equal to the median of your DEX, LCK, and STR ratings. To get the median, first arrange the ratings from lowest to highest. The median is the middle number.
Martial techniques
You can spend Power to perform heroic feats of focus, speed, and strength. Describe what you want to do, and the referee will tell you the cost, using the Dungeon level as a guide. These secret moves are very situational, so be creative and awesome. Don’t repeat yourself.
You can repair your armor while resting in the dungeon. When you make camp, choose one suit of armor you can fidget with, and restore it’s original rating. Then make a Saving Roll. On a miss, the armor is on its last legs and you won’t be able to fix it again.

The warrior’s limit

You cannot learn magic or cast spells.

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