Twisted Tunnels RPG: Recruiting Your Delver, Part 3: The Warlock (Updated 19 Aug 2016)

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The warlock is a rare individual who has both raw ability and rigorous training in magic. The far-reaching and mysterious Cabal chooses only those who possess adequate Intelligence (2 or higher) as candidates for instruction, but those who become warlocks master all the apprentice spells. Warlocks may purchase loftier magic from the Cabal or discover spells in their adventures.

The warlock can also use a magical device—a dagger, an hourglass, an orb, a staff, or a wand—to channel and conserve spellpower when casting magic. If no device is at hand, warlocks can create a makeshift staff using an ordinary walking stick or branch.

When the warlock reaches level 5, she can carry out fell rituals to commune with the Unseen Awful Powers.


INT ≥ 2

The warlock’s edges

Arcane apprenticeship
You start out with all with all 9 apprentice spells
Occult scholar
When you gain a new elder-level spell and spend a few days practicing it, you can cast it at-will.
Cast a spell
When you unleash a spell that you know, subtract it’s cost from your Power rating. The spell takes effect according to its description.
Cabal member
When you meet with agents of the Cabal with gold on hand, you may purchase new spells.
Focused casting
When you hold a device while casting a spell, subtract your current level number from the Power cost. If this would mean the Power cost is less than 1, roll a die: the spell costs you nothing unless you roll a 1.
When you spend a few minutes inscribing a mundane staff with your unique sigil, the staff becomes a temporary magical device. Make a Saving Roll on INT when you use the staff: On a miss, the staff is destroyed by the surge of occult power.
Now We’re Cooking with Evil Gas!
Within the Twisted Tunnels lie nodes of magical power that warlocks can draw upon to cast mighty spells.
When you take at least a turn lighting candles and invoking an elder spell at a magical node, subtract double the dungeon level from your casting cost.
The Pit of Ultimate Darkness
When you perform an elaborate ritual somewhere deep in the Twisted Tunnels, make your petition to the Unseen Awful Powers, and make a Saving Roll on CHA. If you succeed, the Unseen Powers grant your request, but the referee will determine a cost.

The warlock’s limit

Combat dice
You get Combat dice equal to the lowest rating of DEX, LCK, or STR.

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