Twisted Tunnels RPG: Recruiting Your Delver, Part 4: The Rogue (Updated 4 Jul 2016)

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These are rules from the earliest rendition of the game. I’ve done a lot of playtesting and I have a completely revised playtest draft. Contact me at “deeperdelvings” at Gmail if you’d like to check it out!

A rogue is the classic jack-of-all-trades and master of none. The rogue is skilled with weapons, but never reaches the warrior’s mastery over armed struggle. Likewise, the rogue has the untrained talent for working magic, but never attains the warlock’s supremacy over spellcraft.

The Cabal shuns rogues, and will not sell them magic or teach them the art of channeling power through a device. Thus, the rogue is forced to obtain spells by scouring the Twisted Tunnels for ancient scrolls, wizards’ bones, and tomes of lore. The rogue may also learn magic from an warlock in her party, but the warlock’s player may demand any price. If the Cabal finds out that an warlock has taught its secrets to a rogue, the warlock may be expelled or worse.

The rogue is versatile, but limited: Rogues may not advance beyond level 7. At that point, a rogue may continue adventuring without further improvement, or retire from play. Instead, the rogue may become a level 5 warrior, or as a level 3 warlock.

The rogue’s edges

Combat dice
You get Combat dice equal to the median of your DEX, LCK, and STR ratings. To get the median, first arrange the ratings from lowest to highest. The median is the middle number.
Knack for trickery
When you gain a new apprentice or elder spell and spend a few days practicing it, you can cast it at-will.
Cast a spell
When you unleash a spell that you know, subtract it’s cost from your Power rating. The spell takes effect according to its description.

The rogue’s limits

  • You cannot purchase spells from the Cabal, only from warlocks in your party, who may charge whatever price they wish.
  • You cannot use a device or perform rituals.
  • You can only attain level 7 as a rogue. After that, you can choose to continue advancing as a warrior or warlock. Either way, reset your XP to zero.
    • If you forsake your spells, you become a 5th-level warrior, gaining the warrior’s edges and limits. You must earn 15,000 XP before advancing to the next level.
    • If you join the Cabal, you become a 3rd-level warlock, with all that entails. You must earn 6,000 XP to advance to the next level.

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