Twisted Tunnels RPG beta download

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For U.S. Thanksgiving, I’m sharing the current playtest PDF of Twisted Tunnels RPG. Download it! Skim it! Play it! Criticize it! And, please let me know how it goes. You can reach me at “deeperdelvings” at “gmail”.

- Twisted Tunnels β7 playtest rules
- TwistedTunnels β6 character sheet

For anyone who hasn’t been in on the action, Twisted Tunnels is a raw and simple game of madcap dungeon demolition inspired by Ken St. Andre’s Tunnels & Trolls—especially the 1975 1st edition rules. There are some older posts about the game on this blog here

I’ve done a lot of playtesting this year, and I’m very happy about the way it’s shaping up. But it’s not too late for biting critical feedback. I’d love to hear if you find anything confusing, confounding, unwieldy, or unhinged.

I’m aware that several sections still need a lot of cleanup and rewriting, particularly the Dungeon Spiral, Monsters, and Secret Weapon Techniques chapters. I’m also mindful that more examples are needed. Plus art.

Happy Thanksgiving!



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